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Effective 02/11/2023
Thank you for choosing Genesis Capital as your tax firm. We are committed to providing you with quality tax and accounting services to meet your needs. To ensure that our relationship is clear and well-defined, the following are the terms and conditions of our engagement: Services Genesis Capital will provide tax and accounting services for the tax year or years indicated in our engagement letter. We will prepare and file tax returns for you or your business based on the information provided to us. We will also provide tax planning advice and answer any tax-related questions you may have. Our services will be based on the information you provide to us, and we cannot be held responsible for inaccurate or incomplete information. Fees Our fees will be based on the complexity of the services we provide and the time required to complete them. We will provide you with a fee schedule outlining the fees for the services we will be providing, and we will discuss any additional fees or expenses that may arise during the course of our engagement. We require a retainer of 50% of the total fee prior to starting any work, with the remaining balance due upon completion of the services. If we need to adjust our fees due to unforeseen circumstances, we will discuss these changes with you and obtain your approval before proceeding. Confidentiality Genesis Capital is committed to protecting your confidential information. We will maintain the confidentiality of all information you provide to us, and we will not disclose this information to any third parties without your express consent, unless required by law. Responsibility While we will provide you with quality tax and accounting services, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate or incomplete information you provide to us. It is your responsibility to provide us with all relevant and accurate information required for the preparation of your tax returns. We also cannot be held responsible for any penalties, interest, or additional taxes resulting from the submission of inaccurate or incomplete information. Termination Either party may terminate this engagement by providing written notice to the other party. If the engagement is terminated before the completion of the services, Genesis Capital will bill for the services rendered to date. The retainer will be credited to the final bill, and any remaining balance will be refunded to you. Governing Law This engagement is governed by the laws of the state in which Genesis Capital is located. Changes to the Terms and Conditions Genesis Capital reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be communicated to you in writing. By engaging Genesis Capital for tax and accounting services, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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